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Food is an indispensable part of our life and the right choice can assist us in maintaining and strengthening our health. The importance of herbs has been highly acknowledged by people from all nations, rich and poor alike. This post is specially written in reply to a request from a dear friend currently living in Hong Kong and my fellow bloggers whom may find this brew useful. I will not be in the position to introduce something I have not tried since I am no doctor but as for ’strengthening the lungs’, I bring to you the well trusted “Cordyceps”. In the mandarin translation cordyceps means ‘worm in the winter, grass in summer’. Many will not try it mainly because it is expensive but if bought from a trustworthy source the investments can be worthwhile. Beware of imitations.


otherwise known as ‘tung chung cho’ (冬虫草 dōngchóng cǎo) in Cantonese is believed to be the best remedy for anaemia, fatigue and weak lungs. It has great medicinal properties to aid recovery from illnesses as it encourages appetite and builds up resistance against chills and common cold. One small box of Cordyceps can be divided into 6 portions for this brew.

Red dates

otherwise known as ‘hoong cho’ (红枣 hóngzǎo) in Cantonese is often used in soups, brews or even sweet desserts to increase blood circulation in the body. It also possess lung, heart, spleen and stomach strengthening properties. It can be used as seasoning.

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