Chinese Conversation 汉语对话 Career Chinese: Overtime


 Gary: 你好,我是Gary.

 Bob: 晚上好,Gary。我是Bob.

 Gary: 有什么我能为您效劳的吗?

 Bob: 是的,你能整理一下上月的销售情况然后以邮件方式发给我吗?我是指马上。

 Gary: 没问题。 我会在二十分钟内准备好材料。

 Bob: 好的,谢谢。不好意思,你又得继续工作了。

 Gary: 没什么,真的。等我做好了所有工作再给您打电话。

 Bob: 就这样吧。再见!

 Gary: 再见!

Dialogue five:It’s time to leave, Gary get a phone call from his boss suddenly. He is being asked to send some statistics and analysis via e-mail immediately.

Gary: Hello! Gary speaking.

 Bob: Good evening, Gary!This is Bob.

 Gary: Is there anything I can do for you?

 Bob: Yes, could you please gather some information ab0ut the sales of last month for me? I mean instantly.

 Gary: No problem. I’ll have it ready in 20 minutes.

 Bob: Good. Thank you. Sorry to put you back to work.

 Gary: It’s nothing, really. I’ll phone you when I have everything done.

 Bob: That’s fine. Bye!

 Gary: Bye!

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