Chinese food:Beef filet with pickled peppers 泡椒牛柳

Beef filet with pickled peppers belong to the home cooking recipes, main raw material is Niu Liu (beef tenderloin), the craft is fried;

Pickled peppers beef with raw materials: Niu Liu;

Pickled peppers beef with sauce: garlic bolt, pepper, dried red chili peppers, pickled peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, eggs, starch, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, chicken;

Pickled peppers beef with practice:

1. with a marinade of pickled beef 30 minutes;

2. cut up, onions, ginger, garlic, dried chilli, garlic bolt-cutting small pieces;

3. pepper cut diamond block, pickled peppers can cut small pieces without cutting (not actually pickled peppers, but didn’t get used in place of small drops with pepper);

4. stir fried cooked Niu Liucheng, discoloration, and long time easy are older;

5. pour oil in pan, used together with ginger, garlic and dried red peppers garlic bolt choked pot, immediately after the smell the aroma of various fried pepper, so as not to paste;

6. place meat, soy sauce, salt, add a little water;

7. juice fried chicken doubled after resumption.

Warm Tip:

1. pay attention to the good heat, over-cooked beef cannot be boiled, or flavor is lost.

2. the sauce which almost all are very salty, recommendations without added salt, taste heavy, so add it;

3. beef fillet with starch and soaked pickled ginger may have best conditions, can also make the meat more tender, increase its taste;

4. joining the liquor to best conditions also has its unique flavor.

Eat healthy:

Unfit to eat beef, once a week. Rotten beef not cooked, Cook put a Hawthorn, a piece of orange or tea can make it easy to rot. Save the stewed beef nutrients better. Beef muscle fibers than the rough is not easy to digest, but have very high cholesterol and fat, so the elderly, child care and digestion and weak people should not eat, or due to some tender beef. Modern medical research in the West believe that belonging to the red meat of beef, with a stench of acetaldehyde, excessive intake of unhealthy. People suffering from skin diseases, liver disease, kidney disease should be used sparingly-eating.

Food taboos:

Beef + chestnuts causes vomiting

Beef + brown sugar expansion and the dead

Salt beef + food poisoning

Beef + catfish will poison

Beef + snail poisoning

Beef + liquor is inflammation of the tooth

+ Olive with fresh beef can cause physical discomfort

Also, beef of taboo also has (1) not edible repeatedly left hot or refrigerated heating of beef food (2) heat Sheng who taboo edible (3) not edible smoked, and roasted, and pickled of products (4) not with not appropriate cooking method cooking edible (5) not edible not removal thyroid of beef (6) not using fried other meat Hou not cleaning of cooking pot fried food beef (7) and pork, and liquor, and leek, and bulbus allii macrostemi (small garlic), and ginger with food easy induced gingival inflammation (8) not and cattle knee, and cents tenuiflora with with (9) served aminophylline Shi taboo edible.

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