Chinese food:Pork 红烧肉

Pork is one of the home cooking recipes, pork for the production of the ingredient, technique for burning; luster, fat but not greasy, texture soft fried, making difficult medium,

Pork raw materials: (Four) pork 540 grams;

Pork ingredients: onion (2), Ginger (5 pieces)

Pork seasoning: oil (3 tablespoons), sugar (2 tablespoons), soy (5 tablespoons), Sichuan peppercorns (one-second spoon), salt (one-second spoon)

 Practice of pork:

1. wash the pork, boiling Zhuo in 1 minutes, from the drain water to cool.

2. cut the pork into 1 cm thick slices; onions to wash the head segments, peeled ginger slices.

3. spring onions, ginger slices into a bowl, joining the mix together 3 tablespoons oil, 2 tablespoons white sugar, into high heat for 3 minutes, remove the microwave.

4. poured into the pork into the bowl, add 5 tablespoons dark soy, one-second, spoon, six tablespoons of salt and one-second of Chinese prickly ash bowl of boiling water stir, marinated 30 minutes.

5. covered with cling film, the pork into high heat in microwave oven for 20 minutes, remove the plate can be.

Warm tip:

1. microwave oven and heated meat, meat quality and tend to become hard and dry, should be added the amount of boiling water, so that meat heated not too dry.

2. five flower after microwave heating, meat, oil-oozing many, over dishes before going to oil on, avoid too greasy.

3. sweet soy flavor, color, dark, paint in this dish are pork, if replaced with soy,, amounts to half, or pork with salt.

Eat healthy:

Pork: rich in high quality protein and essential fatty acids, and heme (iron organic) and cysteine promote the absorption of iron, iron deficiency anemia can improve; with bushen yangxue, effect of nourishing yin for moistening dryness; but because of the relatively high cholesterol content in pork, diabetes, obesity and blood lipid in higher of unfit to eat.

Food taboos:

1. phase g, pork and beans: the formation of abdominal distention, gas backwater, stagnation.

2. pork and mutual restraint of Chrysanthemum: serious food can lead to death.

3. pork and lamb liver g: total cooking fried is easy to produce something nasty.

4. pork and snail g: two belong to the property of drug and AIDS sick stomach hurt.

5. pork with which the tea is g: constipation with fresh produce.

6. pork and Lily g: with food poisoning.

7. meat and Yang Meizi CA: serious with fresh death.

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