Chinese food:Shredded pork with bean curd with mushroom sauce

Shredded pork with mushrooms Braised tofu ingredients: tofu, mushrooms, pork;

Braised tofu with shredded pork with mushroom sauce: red pepper crusted tuna, red onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, raw powder, powder, chicken in oyster sauce, soy.

Shredded pork with Braised Bean curd with mushroom approach:

Preparing food:

1. lean meat marinade used in tobacco cutter pickled taste for an hour;

2. the mushrooms clean with soft, boiling water, dry moisture spread one’s fingers, juice retained, shredded mushrooms chopped, a little flour, sugar, soy, half an hour cooking wine-cured, steam (in pot meals can be put together in a rice cooker, steam);

3. scallops and wash, a little Ginger Sauce, cooking wine, steam bubbles for a tear into pieces (before this is cooking the rest, added);

4. ginger, garlic, red onion slices, respectively, shredded red pepper crusted tuna, onion, coriander-cut small pieces;

5. get rid of the hard surface of bean curd skin cut into pieces, with kitchen paper slightly absorbing moisture;

6. and finished products.

Warm Tip:

1. the mushroom’s water do not cast, many nutrients are dissolved in water;

2. buy high quality tofu can be seen when rendering uniform white, or pale yellow, slightly glossy; deep made by the poor quality of the bean curd color until light red, Matt. Shoddy tofu is dark grey, dark yellow.

3. pork should be cooked, because sometimes pork parasite, incomplete if eaten raw, or conditioning, may in the liver or brain parasitic tapeworms have a hook.

Eat healthy:

1. Are children, the weak and elderly nutrition diet therapy of high quality goods. Tofu rich in Phytoestrogens, has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. There is suppression function of breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukaemia, tofu steroid in sterol, stigmasterol, is a suppressor of active ingredients.

2. the mushrooms taste sweet, flat, cool; human liver, stomach; tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing Qi and blood and educational effect of Anshen, America faces. Also, resolving phlegm and Qi, invigorating stomach and, detoxification, anti-cancer, support pox rash; indications of loss of appetite, body weakness, urine incontinence, constipation-knot diseases such as obesity, cancer and form sores.

3. pork provides human physiological activities necessary for the high quality protein, fat, with nourishing yin for moistening dryness and Yijing blood effect, suitable for deficiency of qi and blood, is satisfied that the poor due to Yin deficiency.

Food taboos:

1. calcium and oxalate of spinach tofu contains oxalic acid and calcium incrustation, hinder the body on the iron in spinach and bean curd in the absorption of protein.

2. with vitamin d, mushrooms, crab is also rich in vitamin d, both edible, will make the content of vitamin d in the human body is too high, resulting in increased calcium, gallstone symptoms caused by long-term consumption; mushroom + = face long black meat of quail, quail eggs.

3. pork: pork is not smoked, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, meat, snail and pigeon and almond, coriander, donkey meat, sheep liver, turtle, water caltrop, buckwheat, quail meat, beef with fresh. After the consumption of pork should not be large amounts of tea.

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