Chinese food:Spicy hot pot of chicken wings 香辣火锅

Spicy Braised chicken wings with ingredients: chicken wings-tip half a catty;

Spicy Braised chicken wings with ingredients: carrots, broccoli cabbage stalk section, coriander, garlic bolt a little;

Spicy hot pot chicken wing sauce: onion, ginger, garlic, chilli 10 and 30 tablets of Chinese prickly ash, fresh chili 2, cooking wine, soy, soy, sugar, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil.

Spicy hot pot of chicken wings practices:

1. boiling in a pot, add a little salt, add slices of carrot and broccoli stem Blanch, cold standby.

2. carrots, blanch good hungry and broccoli stalk into the bottom of the pot aside.

3. poured into the pot of boiling water to cook chicken wings foul over cold standby.

4. put hot frying pan to the oil in the chilli and pepper small fried fragrant, bails out alternate pepper and chilli.

5. explosive flavor with ginger, garlic and red pepper in the pot.

6. uniform poured into the fried chicken wings.

7. join the water boil for 10 minutes.

8. when water micro-joining the front fried fried peppers and pepper.

9. then add fried garlic bolt uniform, plus a dash of salt, chicken, stir fried with sesame oil.

10. poured into the pot of chicken wings, sprinkle with coriander and garnish with alcohol stove, ate and heating.

Warm Tip:

1. broccoli stem or without, or replaced with lettuce.

2. like spicy chopped chilli and fried fragrant, the menu would be very spicy.

Eat healthy:

Chicken wings with more robust vascular and skin collagen and elastin, for the effect of blood vessels, skin and internal organs. Wings contained a lot of vitamin a, far more than green peppers. On vision, growth, development, generation of sperm and epithelial tissues and bones of fetal growth and development are necessary. The general population are edible. Particularly suitable for the elderly and children, cold fever, fire in Mong Kok, focus on people of phlegm-dampness;

Food taboos:

Chicken wings: suffering from heat-toxin Furuncle, hypertension, high blood lipid, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis patients avoid eating.

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