Chinese grammar: "Or" in statements

In English, "or" can used used in the sense of having a choice (Chicken or beef?), and as an "either or" statement (it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white). In Chinese, "或者"(huòzhě) is used for the latter.

Whilst "还是" is used for "or" in questions, "或者" is used for "or" in statements.
possibility 1+或者+possibility 2


Wǎnshɑnɡ de shíhou, wǒ yìbān xǐhuɑn hē píjiǔ huòzhě pútɑojiǔ.
晚上 的 时候,我 一般 喜欢 喝 啤酒 或者 葡萄酒。
At night, I usually like to drink beer or wine.

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