Chinese grammar: Standard negation with "bu"不

Use 不 (bù) to negate verbs in the present or future in Chinese gammar.

Negating Verbs
The standard way to negate verbs in Chinese is with 不. To negate a verb, simply place 不 before i
Subject + 不+Verb+Object

Almost all verbs can be negated with 不 (unless you’re talking about the past). The only verb that can never be negated with 不 is 有.


Wǒ bú shì déɡuó rén.
我 不 是 德国人。
I am not a German.

Negating Adjectives
Surprise! The structure is basically the same.

Wǒ bú è.
我 不 饿。
I’m not hungry.

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