Chinese phrase translation: 白骨精 (Báigǔjīng) White Bone Demon

白骨精 (Báigǔjīng) White Bone Demon


“白骨精” has two explanations. The traditional meaning refers to the “bones monster” who appears in the novel Journey to the West. In modern society, there is another meaning, which refers to white-collar workers, specifically women with high levels of education, high incomes, and high status.

1、Hěn duō nǚxìng zhuīqiú chéngwéi Báigǔjīng.
Many women dream of becoming white-collar workers with high levels of education and high incomes.
2、Dāng yī ge Báigǔjīng, tōngcháng xūyào fùchū hěn duō nǔlì.
To be a white-collar worker with high levels of education and high incomes, one needs to make great efforts.

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