Chinese grammar:Causative verbs

Causative verbs are verbs that cause people to do things, surprisingly enough. In English, these are verbs like "make", "have" and "get", as in "get Billy to eat dinner." The "get" is the causative verb.

The most common causative verbs in Chinese are:


Make sure to take note of the different meanings and levels of formality. For example, 使 and 让 when used as causative verbs basically mean the same thing (to make) but 使 is used in more formal or written Chinese while 让 is used more in spoken Chinese.

subject+causative verb+Noun/Pronoun+VO


Zhè bù diàn yǐnɡ hěn rànɡ rén hěn ɡǎn dònɡ.
这 部 电影 很 让 人 很 感动。
This movie really moved people.

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