One Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix 百鸟朝凤

One Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix (chicken with bird-shaped dumplings)
Style of cooking: Zhejiang cuisine
Flavor: fresh and fragrant
Characteristics: the appearance of this dish is pleasing to the eye, and the chicken is fatty, tender, soft, fragrant and crisp. The shape of the dumplings is beautiful, with its casing smooth and its filling soft. The dumplings taste fresh, fragrant and delicious.
A tender chicken (about 1,250g), 200g of pork, 100g of flour, a piece of ham (or pig bone), 5g of green onions, 15g of cooked chicken fat, 5g of ginger, 25g of Shaoxing wine, 5g of MSG, 7.5g of refined salt and 5g of sesame oil.
Cooking method:
1. Boil the chicken quickly in boiling water, remove the bloody water, take the chicken out and clean it. Take an earthen pot and put a bamboo rack in the bottom, then add the green onions, ginger and ham as well as 2,500g of clear water; cook on a high heat until it is boiling and add the chicken and 20g of Shaoxing wine. When it has once again come to the boil, stew it over a gentle heat.
2. Chop the pork into minced meat and pour in 2.5g water, 2.5g refined salt, 5g Shaoxing wine and 1g MSG; stir until they are sticky then pour the sesame oil in and stir into the form of a stuffing. Knead the flour into dough and separate it into 20 small dumpling wrappers before adding the stuffing and making them into bird-shaped dumplings. Boil (or steam) the dumplings thoroughly. When the chicken is stewed thoroughly and becomes crisp, pick out the ginger, green onion, ham and steaming rack and remove the oil slick; add 6g of refined salt and 4g of MSG; place the bird-shaped dumplings around the chicken and boil them for a moment before pouring the chicken fat.

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