Sichuan Cuisine: Yinjiapo Fermented Glutinous Rice 四川美食:殷家坡醪糟

The famous Yinjiapo Fermented Glutinous Rice in Xuyong County has a history longer than one hundred years. Dozens of medicinal herbs are used in making the yeast. After the glutinous rice is steamed well, add an appropriate amount of yeast and ferment it. This is the method for making the sweet smelling Fermented Glutinous Rice. The Yinjiapo Fermented Glutinous Rice is neither dry nor sour, and maintains a rich and strong sweetness. Then put this fermented mixture into water to boil. The boiled soup will be clear and the fermented rice will stay in small masses, and it tastes mellow and has a delicate fragrance, either it is cool or hot. It attracts endless streams of customers all year round.
As early as the Qing Dynasty, Liu Hongfa in Yinjiapo picked dozens of medicinal herbs and made them into yeast. After soaking the glutinous rice for a moderate period of time, he steamed it on high heat. Then he cooled it and maintained it at a certain temperature before adding the appropriate amount of yeast and fermenting it. From then on, the sweet smelling Fermented Glutinous Rice became a very popular dish.
At first, a small number of people at Liu’s restaurant tried the dish, but word of mouth spread across the province. Mr. Liu, however, did not pass on his recipe to his daughter-in-law until he was over eighty years old. His granddaughter- in-law, Wei Kefen, has taken over the family business. Their Fermented Glutinous Rice is neither dry nor sour, its soup is clear and the rice remains in small masses and its sweet flavor lingers either it’s hot or cool.

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