Spring Roll 春卷

Area: Sichuan Province
Flavor: light
Spring Rolls came into being before the Tang Dynasty and they were known as “Spring Plates” at that time. At the beginning of each spring, people made flour into thin pancakes and spread them out on plates; they were then eaten with exquisite vegetables: this process gives them the name “Spring Plates”. During spring outings, people would also take Spring Plates with them. The Spring Plate was very popular in the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. There was the poem “it is time to eat Spring Plates with vegetables on Spring days” written by Du Fu and “On the Spring days the Spring Plates brings new festivals” written by Lu You amongst a great many other poems. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the development and refinement of cooking techniques, Spring Plates changed becoming small and exquisite Spring Rolls, which not only became a snack enjoyed by common people, but also became one of the imperial snacks, taking place within the favor of those in the higher echelons. Emperor Qianlong enjoyed Spring Rolls very much. Of the 128 snacks in the full, formal banquet combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies in the Qing Dynasty, the Spring Roll was one of the 9 snacks. Nowadays Spring Rolls are with spiced salt and spicy flavors and are given other names. The Spring Roll is one of the famous snacks people take with them during spring outings.
Characteristics: it is golden yellow with a crisp surface, the inside is tender; it is tasty and refreshing, lightly flavored, fresh and fragrant.
2 pieces of dough made from eggs, 350g of lean pork, 100g of bamboo shoot tips, 50g of tender Chinese toon leaves, 30g of bruised ginger and green onion, an appropriate amount of wet bean flour, flour with egg white, Sichuan salt, dry fine bean flour, chicken powder, ground pepper, salad oil.
Cooking method:
1. Clean the tender leaves of Chinese toon and trim them; put the bamboo shoot tips into the boiling water till them are half cooked and fish them out, draining before dicing them; clean the pork and mince it into small pieces, then place the pieces in a big bowl; add the bruised ginger and green onion, Sichuan salt, ground pepper, wet bean flour, tender Chinese toon leaves, bamboo shoot tips and chicken powder, then stir well to mix them into the chopped meat.
2. The pieces of dough made from eggs should be cut into quarters and the chopped meat placed on the pieces of dough; spread flour with egg white on the joints to cement them; then roll them into balls and cut them into pieces with a sharp knife. Paste the fine bean flour on both ends.
3. Put the salad oil in the pan and boil it to 70% heat, then put the spring rolls into the pan, and fry them till they take form. Fish them out, and then fry them again in the 50% heated oil until the spring rolls are golden yellow and remove them out. The spring rolls can be eaten either in hot or cold.

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