Steamed Chicken Skin with Shrimp Paste 江南百花鸡

Style of cooking: Guangdong cuisine
Flavor: faintly scented
Characteristics: this dish is tender and smooth in the mouth. It has a sweet and fresh flavor. It is a dish surrounded by petals along the edge of the plate. The appearance, color and flavor of this dish are all great.
Ingredients: 1,250g of spring chicken, 350g of peeled prawns, 25g of crab meat, 30g of egg white, 15g of fresh chrysanthemum, 10g of starch (broad bean), 8g of salt, 2g of MSG, 3g of sesame oil, 5g of yellow wine, 2g of ground pepper and 30g of vegetable oil.
Cooking method:
1. Slaughter the spring chicken, boil the chicken in hot water in order to remove its feathers; gut it and clean the chicken; cut the chicken from its neck to its tail; remove the chicken skin slowly from the chicken wings; cut off the chicken head, the wings and the tail and steam them thoroughly for use.
2. Remove the fat in the chicken skin and put the whole chicken skin on the chopping block; poke some holes with the point of a knife so that the chicken skin will not shrink too much after being steamed thoroughly; then put the chicken on the bamboo grid with its surface facing down, spread a light film of dry starch on the inside of the chicken skin.
3. Clean the peeled prawns and chop them into muddy prawn; stir the muddy prawn and crab meat together well and spread them on the inside of the Chicken skin. The chicken skin should be covered; finally, spread the muddy prawn and crab meat mixture on the inside of the skin of the chicken and make it smooth with egg white.
4. Steam the brewed chicken skin in a bamboo steamer using a high heat for 6 minutes until the skin is streamed thoroughly; pick out the steamed brewed chicken skin and slice it into three strips, then cut each strip into 8 pieces resembling a “日” character; Put the chicken with the outside skin on the plate along with the chicken head, wings and tail and arrange them into the shape of a chicken.
5. Heat the wok with a moderate heat until it is hot, then add 10g of oil and the yellow wine. Add 200ml of soup, then with moderate heat, add MSG, refined salt, ground pepper and dress with the wet starch and finally stir 20g of the sesame oil and vegetable oil in well and then pour them on the chicken.
6. Place disinfected feverfew petals around the dish.

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