The World’s First Thick Soup 天下第一羹

Style of cooking: Jiangsu cuisine
Flavor: sour and spicy
According to the A Request to God written by Qu Yuan, Peng Zu, because of being good at making pheasant soup, received good favor from Emperor Yao. He received an imperial assignment to Pengcheng (Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province now). As legend has it, Peng Zu made the thick soup of pheasant and millet with salt and plums. It was the first combination of cooking and seasoning in China. The dish is the first one from ancient times which was famous for leaving its name, therefore it is known as “The World’s First Thick Soup”. This soup is made by stewing pheasant with Chinese pearl barley, mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and ham etc. The soup is mellow and rich with oyster white color and is a combination of soup and vegetables. The six kinds of vegetables within have different colors and flavors. The soup is fragrant with a slightly sour and spicy flavor, and it is smooth, crisp and tender. The color, fragrance and taste of this soup are all excellent, which makes it a famous Northern Jiangsu flavor soup.
The soup is a combination of soup and vegetables that has a mellow and rich taste and oyster white color. It is fragrant and bears a slightly sour and spicy flavor. It is also smooth as well as crisp and tender. The color, fragrance and taste of this soup are all excellent.
1,000g of pheasant, 150g of Chinese pearl barley, 30g of mushroom (fresh), 30g of winter bamboo shoots, 30g of lettuce (curled leaves), 30g of cake, 8g of salt, 100g of yellow rice wine, 2g of gourmet powder, 25g of vinegar, 10g of green onion, 10g of ginger, 5g of Sichuan pepper, 2g of ground pepper and 20g of sesame oil.
Way of cooking:
1. Peel off the skin of the pheasant before cleaning it, then boil in the hot water and clean it again.
2. Cut off the bases of mushrooms before cleaning them, and then cut them into shreds. Peel the skins off the winter bamboo shoots, clean them and boil thoroughly before cutting them into shreds. Cut the cooked ham into shreds. Trim the Shanghai greens and clean them before cutting them into shreds. The cake should also be cut into shreds.
3. Clean the green onion and ginger then dice them before wrapping them with gauze and squeezing out their juices.
4. Put the pheasant in an earthen bowl and add 2,000ml of clear soup, the yellow rice wine, Sichuan pepper, green onion and ginger juice and Chinese pearl barley; then stew them together until the pheasant is crisp and the rice is tender.
5. Take the pheasant out, remove the bone and cut the meat into shreds before putting it back in the earthen bowl, then add 50g of yellow rice wine, shredded mushroom, shredded winter bamboo shoots, shredded ham, shredded cabbage heart, shredded cake and refined salt and boil them together.
6. After boiling, add ground pepper powder (ground white pepper powder), gourmet powder and vinegar. Fish the pheasant out and put it in the pot, then pour the sesame oil over it.

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