Traditional Snack Taosu 传统休闲小吃桃酥

Taosu is a snack popular in both northern and southern China. It is known for its dryness, crispness, brittleness and sweetness. The main ingredients are flour and egg. It contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and other mineral substances. It is a kind of fast food especially well received by the elderly and children.
In the past, a packet of taosu was a very decent gift when visiting a relative or a friend. A packet weighed half a kilo. Pieces of round and flat taosu were packaged into the shape of a cuboid. A packet usually had three wrappers — a sun-dried lotus leaf inside, thick straw paper in the middle, and yellow paper or white paper outside. A print was attached to the outside paper, just as it is today. The appetizing smell of crisp and sweet taosu was mouth-watering.

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