Wine Culture 美酒文化 Wine and Chinese Literator 酒与中国文人

Wine has close relationship with most Chinese literators. In the mediaeval times, there are many records about the famous people of Wei & Jin Dynasties (220-420) and poets of Tang Dynasty (618-907) good at drinking, which are two stages worthy of attention in the relationship of “wine & Chinese culture”.
Actually, the source of literators and wine isn’t from the famous people of Wei & Jin Dynasty. However, such cases as the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove “drunk deep at their free time” with the wine being the whole part of their life are not common. Living in the turbulent social background, they drank down, resorted to wine for escaping from disasters and spoke ravings to express their dissatisfaction towards the current polices after drinking, which reflected the frustrating situation of the literators in the turbulent days. From then on, the bibulosity of the literators is considered as romantic affairs rather than moral-decayed ignominy. It seemed that the posts of Tang Dynasty liked drinking deep. Li Bai and Du Fu, with the features of wine in the poem and poem in the wine, were the world-famous great poets.  
The traditional arts such as Chinese poem, music, painting and calligraphy, has strong lyricism. The wine can make people regress to the pure and naive humanity, arouse artist’s creative talent, which brings out romantic imagination of the relationship among wine, poem and literator for the people in the future.

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