Write “晶”(crystal) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "晶".


晶 jīnɡ
Explnantion: crystal
Phrases: 水晶(shuǐ jīnɡ)crystal ;亮晶晶(liànɡ jīnɡjīnɡ)glittering

"Jing" (“晶”) is an associative character that's made up of three "ri" (“日”, meaning "the sun") characters in the oracle bone inscriptions. The three-sun structure indicates exceptional brilliance. Some in ancient times regarded it as a pictographic character, as it looks like the stars in the night sky. The stars are glittery, so the original meaning of this character is "bright, luminous". The form of the character changed little throughout the ages, remaining the same from the small seal script to the regular script.

From the basic meaning of "jing", the character had some extended meanings such as "clear, transparent" and "sparkling" etc. It can also be combined with the word "shui" to mean "shuijing" or "crystal". In ancient China, crystal was regarded as the essence of water due to its clear and transparent nature. It was believed to be a sacred matter and a symbol for auspiciousness.


1. Zhèzhǒng shuǐjīng lánjīngjīng de, fēicháng piàoliàng.
This kind of shiny blue crystal is very beautiful.

2.Tā de zhūbǎo zài zhúguāng xià xiǎnde liàngjīngjīng de.
All her jewels were sparkling in the candlelight.


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