Wu Song Beats Tiger 武松打虎

On his way to visit his brother, Wu Song was at a place called Mount Jingyang. Though a bit drunk, he began to climb the mountain. Before long he saw a sign posted on a tree: "Travelers are advised to group together to climb over the mountain since tigers have killed some singular travelers of late. Please do not risk your life." Wu Song reasoned that the sign must have been written by the inn keeper at the foot of the mountain for the sake of scaring travelers into spending the night in his inn. He did not pay attention to the sign and continued on this way . At sunset he came to an old temple on top of the mountain. There Wu Song saw another official sing tigers on the mountain. Still, he decided no to return to the inn at the foot of the mountain for fear that the owner would laugh at him. He felt too drunk to walk on, so he decided to lie down on a slab of gray stone. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he felt a gust of wind whistling around him: It was a mammoth tiger charging at him. Wu Song immediately turned his body and dodged the animal. The tiger leapt again, but Wu Song managed to evade it. The beast got so angry that it used its tail to sweep toward Wu Song. Wu Song jumped to dodge the attack. He lifted his cudgel to hit the tiger while it was turning around, but his cudgel caught the branches of a tree and broke in two. The tiger was annoyed and launched another assault. Wu Song threw away the remnant of his cudgel and jumped onto the back of the tiger. With his left hand, he grabbed the skin of the head of the tiger, and he used his other fist to hit the eyes, mouth, nose and ears of the tiger. Before long, the tiger was bleeding all over and lied on the ground motionless. Wu Song was afraid the tiger was pretending to be dead, so he wielded the broken cudgel to hit the tiger until he was sure the tiger was dead. The incident on Mount Jingyang made Wu Song famous far and wide.


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