A Chinese idiom that used to encourage people to work hard and persist on their pursuit – 任重道远

Chinese idiom 任重道远 rèn zhòng dào yuǎn literally means to shoulder heavy responsibilities and a long way to go. 任重 rèn zhòng, heavy responsibilities, 道远 dào yuǎn, a long way to go. It actually is heavily used in Chinese news and other media. The main spirit of this idiom is to encourage people to be prepared for an important task in the long run.

It is also used as 任重而道远 rèn zhòng ér dào yuǎn. 而 ér means “and”. I think the original story behind this idiom is worth telling too.

The student of master Zengzi went to ask him:”what kind of person we should be when learning the knowledge you’re teaching?” Zengzi answered, “You must be strong and persistent. ” student asked:”Why you think so?” Zengzi explained:” You learners should consider governing the country as your future responsibility. This responsibility is significant and huge. You’ll have a long way ahead of you. If you don’t have strong determination, you won’t be able to accomplish for sure. You should also take upholding benevolent policy as your responsibility. ”

“Isn’t it a heavy responsibility? To reach that goal, it demands you to dedicate your whole lifetime, isn’t it a long way to go? ”

The students were largely encouraged, and made up their mind to become good leaders to govern the country.

For you, my friends, learning Chinese will open a new world in front of you. The learning path might be bumpy and tough, but what you can gain is significant – you’ll be able to reach to the huge culture body founded on one fifth population of the world. Being an ambassador between your own culture and Chinese culture, there are so much you can do, to give and to gain. Isn’t it so, my dear friends?

Now, let’s learn how to use this Chinese idiom from the following examples:

yào zài zhèr jiànzào sān suǒ xīwàng xiǎoxué, rènzhòng ér dào yuǎn, wǒmen xiànzài jiùyào cóng zuìgēnběn de wèntí zhuóshǒu.

要在这儿建造三所希望小学, 任重而道远, 我们现在就要从最根本的问题着手.

To build three Hope Primary Schools in this place, is a huge project in long run. We should start solving crucial issues from now on.
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ràng wǒmen de pǐnpái dǎ rù guójì shìchǎng shì wǒmen de chángqī mùbiāo, rènzhòng ér dào yuǎn.

让我们的品牌打入国际市场是我们的长期目标, 任重而道远.

It is our goal in the long run to promote our brand into international market, we should shoulder this key responsibilities and prepare our goal in the long haul.
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