Apparently, Dreaming about Temples is Usually

Gotta love dream dictionaries – this online Chinese dream interpretation site categorizes dream meanings based on symbolism. This page addresses what it means when someone dreams about a temple (寺庙 – sì miào).
Though some of the language is undoutedly advanced, the sentence structure is super short and repetitive, so I’m classifying this as intermediate an intermediate read.
Interesting Vocabulary
宇 – yǔ – Room, hall
四分五裂 – sì fēn wǔ liè – Splinter, be disharmonious
化为泡影 – huà wéi pào yǐng – To become nothing [lit: to become a soap bubble]
胎儿 – tāi ér – Unborn child
亏损 – kuī sǔn – Deficit, loss
降 – xiáng – Surrender
吉兆 – jí zhào – Lucky omen

女人梦见庙宇 —— 丈夫家的人会四分五裂。
病人梦见寺庙 —— 病情会加重。
梦见进入寺庙 —— 一切努力都会化为泡影。
孕妇梦见进入庙宇 —— 胎儿会有问题。
商人梦见进入寺庙 —— 生意会大亏损。
梦见别人进了寺庙 —— 一切困难都会过去。
梦见妻子进了庙宇 —— 夫妻生活和谐、幸福。
梦见敌人跨入庙门 —— 自己能降服敌人,渡过难关。
梦见自己坐在庙宇里 —— 这是成功或成亲的吉兆。
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A woman dreams about a temple hall: Her husband’s family will splinter into disharmony.
A sick person dreams about a temple: The patient’s condition will become more serious.
You dream of entering a temple: All of your hard work will come to nothing.
A pregnant woman dreams of entering a temple: There will be a problem with the baby.
A businessperson dreams of entering a temple: The business will suffer a great loss.
You dream of another person entering a temple: All of your troubles will pass.
You dream of a wife entering a temple: The couple will live in harmony and prosperity.
You dream of your enemy stepping into a temple door: If you surrender to your enemy, you can ride out the storm.
You dream of yourself sitting inside a temple hall: This is an omen that you will succeed or get married.

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