Archery of China

The archaeological(related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology) discoveries proved that archery in China dates back about 20,000 years. Practical archery takes three conditions: a bow strong enough to propel arrows, arrows that are sharp enough to kill, and a technique to ensure the stability of arrows in fight. The bow and arrow in ancient China fully met the three conditions. Archaeologists have unearthed finely made arrowheads in a site of the Paleolithic Age in Shanxi Province, and could be mounted on a shaft. No bow was found at the site, since bows were usually made of wood, bamboo and perhaps tendon of animals and could not remain intact for so many years. But the arrowheads(an arrowhead is the sharp, pointed part of an arrow) were enough to prove the existence of bows.

As for how to keep the arrow stable in flight, Kao Gang Ji, the earliest work on science and technology in China(中国Zhōngguó), writes under the item of The Archer: “Decide the proportions of the shaft to install the feathers. The feathers at the end of the shaft are installed in three directions, and then the arrowhead(箭头jiàntóu) is mounted. An arrow thus made will not lose its balance even in strong winds.” It also says, ”When the feathers are too many, the arrow will become unstable.”

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