Badaling Great Wall 八达岭长城

The Badaling Great Wall(八达岭长城Bādálĭng Chángchéng) is located in Yanqing County, about 60 kilometres north-west of Beijing,and stands at the strategic highest point from north-west to beijing in China.It is the important pass for protecting Beijing City with the name of "the Key to the North Gate of Beijing","To look down at Juyong Pass from the Badaling Great Wall is like to pour water from a higher place or watch down a deep well". The ancient people had the saying that "the strategic position of Juyong Pass does not lie in Guan city,but Badaling" which indicates its utmost strategic position.

Thousands of experience have left the Badaling Great Wall with rich historical and cultural heritages.In 1961,the Badaling Great Wall was listed as the national first key cultural relics protection under unit; In 1987,the Badaling Great Wall was listed in the World Cultural Heritage Directory by UNESCO. In 1991,as the representation of the Ten Thousand-Miles Great Wall, the Badaling Great Wall received the "certificate of human cultural heritage" issued by the Unesco; In 2002,the Badaling Great Wall was awarded two world Guinness records, one is the Great Wall scenic spot receiving the most tourists,and the other is the Great Wall scenic spot receiving the most state leaders.

The Badaling Great Wall is composed of Guan city and its affiliated walls. The walls were constructed by using bar stones and bricks along mountains. At the strategic points,there are city platforms ,wall platforms and enemy-watching watchtowers. The wal bodies are very high and solid with dense enemy-watching platforms,which is the perfection of China’s ancient constructions.

The Badaling Great Wall stands at the first position by its significant location,well-knonw reputation and magnificent sceneries. The Badaling Great Wall has beautiful sceneries during all quatre saisons.

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