Because … Therefore

When giving reasons in Mandarin Chinese, we use the word yīn wèi which means because.

The yīn wèi phrase explains the “why”, but the “what” must be explained with a second phrase which begins with suǒ yǐ (therefore).

The order of these two phrases is fixed: The yīn wèi phrase comes first and the suǒ yǐ comes second.
Chinese Characters

The Chinese characters of these two words are as follows:

    yīn wèi
    因為 (traditional)
    因为 (simplified)

    suǒ yǐ

Examples of Because … Therefore

    Yīnwei tā shēngbìng suǒyǐ méiyǒu lái shàngxué.
    She is sick, so she didn’t come to school.
    因為她生病所以沒有來上學。 (trad)
    因为她生病所以没有来上学。 (simp)

    Yīnwei wǒde qián bùgòu suǒyǐ méiyǒu mǎi.
    I didn’t have enough money so I didn’t buy it.
    因為我的錢不夠 所以沒有買。 (trad)
    因为我的钱不够 所以没有买。 (simp)

    Yīnwei xià dà xuě suǒyǐ fēijī tíng fēi.
    Because of the big snow, the flight was cancelled.
    因為下大雪所以飛機停飛。 (trad)
    因为下大雪所以飞机停飞。 (simp)

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