Bottoms Up 行酒令

Drinking games are a popular pastime(a pastime is something that you do in your spare time because you enjoy it or are interested in it), have a long tradition in China. The following are some examples of the jiuling(酒令jiǔlìng).

Finger guessing: Two people sit at the same table. Using one hand, they simultaneously stretch out fingers (several fingers stick out, while the others are close to the palm) and shout out a number between one and 10. If a player guesses right, and says the total number of fingers extended by both players, he/she wins. The loser then has to take a drink. If both players guess right or if both guess wrong, the game continues. If a person accidentally(an accidental event happens by chance or as the result of an accident, and is not deliberately intended) shouts a number that is less than the number of fingers he/she has stretched, he/she has to take a drink.

A little bee: Chinese have their own version of the”rock, paper, scissors” game. It is a game for two. First, the players sing a little verse: "Liangzhi xiao mifeng ya, fei dao huacong zhong ya, fei ya" (two little bees fly to the flowers, and fly). After singing, each player imitates either a rock, paper or scissors with his/her hand. The winner (the one who showed a sign that beats the other player’s sign’)must pretend to slap the other player, while saying "Pya Pya." The loser must pretend to be slapped, while saying "Ah Ah!.,If both people show the same sign, they pretend to kiss, while saying ”Mua Mua.” Of course, this has to be done as quickly as possible. The first to say the wrong sentence or does thewrong action must take a drink.

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