Chang Xiao 畅销 – Daily Mandarin Lesson


    fast seller; very marketable; best selling; marketed widely


    Tone marks: ► chàng xiāo
    Tone numbers: chang4 xiao1

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 暢銷
    Simplified: 畅销

    First Character: 暢 (chàng) – smooth; fluent; joyful; happy
    Second Character: 銷 (xiāo) – to melt; to do away with; to sell

Examples of Chàng Xiāo

Audio files are marked with ►

    ► Wii shì hěn chàng xiāo de shāng pǐn.
    Wii 是很暢銷的商品
    Wii 是很畅销的商品
    Wii is a best-selling product.

    ► Hālì Bōtè shì hěn chàng xiāo de xiǎo shuō.
    Harry Potter is a best-selling novel

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