Chaozhou tea making methods 潮州泡法

1. Characteristics:
With the use of unrefined tea products, this method brings outstanding taste out of ordinary tea leaves and at a low price. It is important that the tea making process be uninterrupted. One should not talk during the tea making process and he should be free from interferences, so as to unify essence, energy and spirit. The requirements for selecion and use of tea sets, actions performed timing are stringent as are the changes within the tea great
2. Procedures for making tea:
Prepare the tea sets: one should sit up straight and be peaceful in mind. The cloth for covering the teapot should be placed on the right thigh and the white cloth for cleaning cups be placed on the left thigh. Two handkerchiefs should be placed on the table, with a medium depth teaspoon being placed in the middle of the handkerchiefs.
Warm the teapot and the tea cups: pour boiling water into the teapot and then in the tea cups.
Dry the teapot: hold the teapot and pat it on the cloth used for covering the teapot. After the water drops have been removed, shake the teapot gently with a fan waving motion. The wrist should be loose. Shake the teapot until the water has dried of completely.
Add the tea: place the tea leaves into the teapot by hand. The duration of baking required is dependent upon the degree of the tea’s dryness.
Bake the tea: if you feel that the tea leaves are not damp to the hand after being placed in the teapot it is not necessary to bake them. If the tea leaves are damp, you can bake them several times. The tea baking process is not one which involves fire, but a baking process involving water heat. In this way, the musty taste of crude aged tea will be removed and the tea will be fresh with improved flavor and it will be overflowing with fragrance.
Clean the tea cups: when baking the tea, pour the water from the tea pitcher into the cups.
Water filling: after the tea is baked, take the teapot out of the cistern and pack it into the cloth. Shake the teapot so as to balance the temperature inside and outside of the teapot. Then put the teapot in the cistern, pouring a suitable amount of water into the teapot.
Shake the teapot: after the teapot is filled with water, lift it up quickly and place it on the handkerchief on table. Press the air hole and shake the teapot rapidly from left to right so that the tea extracts are diffused thoroughly. One should shake the first made tea four times; each proceeding phase should involve one less shake.
Pour the tea: after pressing the hole and shaking the teapot, pour the tea into Chahai (teapot). After pouring the first tea making water, pack the teapot with cloth and vibrate it at full tilt so that the internal humidity of the teapot will be even. The vibrating of the teapot differs to the frequency of teapot shaking. The first made tea requires more instances of shaking than vibrating. Subsequent makings necessitate more vibrating than shaking.
Share the tea: Chaozhou tea making methods require that tea be brewed only three times. Each of the three makings are identical, so one should devote one’s mind to the making of the tea. only after the tea making process is completed three times may one feel a sense of accomplishment and share the tea with guests.
Notes: the aforesaid is only one eclectic means for making Chaozhou tea.

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