Chinese Conversation 汉语对话 Asking about the Time 问时间


M: 亲爱的,能告诉我几点了吗?

W: 当然。我的表是七点五十。

M: 天哪!我开会要迟到了。怎么着我都不可能在十分钟之内赶到办公室了。

W: 别急。我还没告诉你我的表快十五分钟呢。

M: 你吓死我了!你不知道我的老板有多厉害。


(Michael asks ab0ut the time on his way out to work.)

M: Honey, can you tell me the time?

W: Sure. It’s 7:50 by my watch.

M: Gosh! I’m late for the meeting. No matter what, I won’t be able to get to the office within 10 minutes.

W: No hurry. I didn’t tell you that my watch is 15 minutes fast.M: You scared me! You don’t know how hard my boss is.

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