Chinese Conversation 汉语对话 CLEANING 扫除

— 是打扫咱们房间的时候了,我们一定要把它做好。
— 对,一定要做好。让我来擦玻璃吧,我能擦得很快。
— 好的。我来扫地。杨玲擦桌椅,吴英负责暖气片。
— 那些画太旧了,咱们把它们取下来,换上几张新的吧?
— 好主意。


— It’s time to clean our room. We must do a good job.
— Yes, we must. Let me clean the windows. I can do windows very quickly.
— All right. Then I’ll sweep the floor. Yang Ling can dust the desks and chairs and Wu Ying will take care of the radiators.
— Those pictures are rather old. Let’s take them down and put up some new ones.
— That’s a good idea.

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