Chinese Culture: Chinese Music (中国音乐)

Wuyang CountyChina is known as a country of music in the far ancient times; the Chinese ancient music is of great importance in the culture and etiquette of the country.With a longstanding tradition of musical education as early as the Warring State Period (475 BC – 221 BC), Confucius had set the study procedures from poems to etiquette and then the last important, to music.

Developed from the primitive music created in collective labouring, Chinese music has expanded into a huge system for a long-term creation with rich instruments and forms, and a large number of excellent musicians and pieces.

Talk about Chinese music, the unique folk music and the "essence" of China culture, the Chinese operas, can not be missed, while talk about folk songs, we have to mention The Jasmine Flowers (茉莉花 mòlìhuā), which is a world-renowned song and identified as the premier representative of the Chinese folk music. Pleaes enjoy the Chinese music.

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