Chinese food:Lobster sauce with spicy chicken 豆豉鸡

Lobster sauce ingredient of spicy chicken: chicken breast 4 one, bell peppers, onion half;

Lobster sauce spicy chicken sauce: 5 grams, ginger scallion 5 g, lobster sauce fragrant chili sauce 1 big spoon;

Practice of fermented spicy chicken:

1. chicken dicing/cubing, starch, oil, wine-cured for 5 minutes;

2. bell pepper seed, cut;

3. small onions cut blocks;

4. Braised with soy sauce or lobster sauce, Sweet soybean paste, oyster sauce, chili sauce, starch into sauce;

5. after oil, scallion and Ginger choked pot;

6. aroma, add chicken, sliding scrambled to change color;

7. join a large spoon stir fried Capsicum paste with fragrance;

Warm Tip:

1. chicken breast in advance with the back of a knife hammer, can taste better;

2. after the onion cut, to break apart in advance;

3. if you use ready-made sauces and other condiments are not free.

Eat healthy:

Think chicken can TCM wenzhong Qi, invigorating fine Tim cord, tonic effect of Yizhi; used in the treatment of diarrhea of virtual Dr thin, medium, less food, less dizziness, palpitations, menstruation, postpartum breast, diabetes, edema, frequency of micturition frequency, wet dream, deafness and tinnitus etc. Eat chicken fried vegetables flowers to enhance liver detoxification functions, enhance immunity, prevention of cold and scurvy.

Food taboos:

Chicken with plums grams, eating the dysentery. Rescue: urine eating chicken.

Chrysanthemum grams of chicken, fresh deaths. Rescue: money of asarum, Chuan Lin five water service.

Chicken and Lei Yue Mun phase CA: multiply properties does not function.

Chicken with mustard CA: both fresh, hot, not conducive to health.

Grams of chicken and chrysanthemum: with food poisoning.

Chicken and sticky rice CA: with food can cause physical discomfort.

Chicken and dog kidney g: can cause diarrhea.

Chicken with Sesame CA: with serious food can lead to death.

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