Chinese food:Sauteed Beef Filet with Hot Green Pepper 杭州牛柳

Hangzhou-pepper beef ingredients: Niu Liu;

Hangzhou-pepper beef ingredients: Hangzhou-pepper and onion;

Hangzhou-pepper beef with spices: pepper, soy, salt, sugar, water, starch, oyster sauce.

Hangzhou-pepper beef approach:

1. wash the beef cut, from the perpendicular to the direction of the texture to cut with a knife, then cut into 0.5 cm thick, 5 cm long;

2. and with a point old pumping, and starch, and water and cooking wine salt, and egg white, and pickled about, note to with hand hard grab a few minutes Bell, to all of water and juice are grab into meat in, on like is to meat do a massage, then static reset a dozen minutes, then then grab half minutes, then static reset, last must plus is edible oil a will into pot good sliding bulk;

3. onion cutter, Hangzhou-oblique knife cut the pepper and beef slices with garlic, ginger slice almost the length;

4. thermal oil, pot, heat oil;

5. slide,

6. discoloration Sheng after the standby;

7. Office copy oil, garlic stir-frying fragrance;

8. into the frying of onion flavor under good and pepper pieces;

9. the last water rich starch to thicken the soup juice out of the boiler plate.

10. finished.

Warm Tip:

Per capita consumption in General.

Eat healthy:

Pepper is rich in vitamins, eat Chili, can increase appetite, strength, improve afraid of cold, frostbite, vascular headaches and other symptoms. Containing a substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism, promoting the secretion of hormones, healthy skin. Rich in vitamin c, you can control the heart disease and coronary sclerosis, lower cholesterol. Contain more antioxidants, may help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Respiratory tract unimpeded, for the treatment of cough and colds. Pepper also restrain stomach can kill internal parasites.

Beef Fillet "refers to the beef tenderloin. Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition than pork is more close to human needs, can improve the body’s resistance, on recuperation after growth, after surgery and diseases of people added loss of blood, tissues, and so are particularly suitable. Fresh beef in winter, a warm stomach function, replenishing winter share. TCM believes that beef with BU Zhong Yi Qi and nourishing spleen and stomach, strong bones, and resolving phlegm for calming endogenous wind, quench your thirst of salivary gland function. Suitable for gas spills, shortness of breath body weakness, bones still ached dazzled, anemia in prolonged illness and yellow for human consumption.

Food tababoos:


Beef + chestnuts causes vomiting

Beef + brown sugar expansion and the dead

Salt beef + food poisoning

Beef + catfish will poison

Beef + snail poisoning

Beef + potato poisoning

Beef + liquor is inflammation of the tooth

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