Chinese food:Shredded chicken 醉鸡

Shredded chicken ingredients: chicken;

Shredded chicken ingredients: sugar, oil, salt, soy sauce the amount;

Shredded chicken in practice:

1. wash chicken inside and drain some water;

2. sugar, oil, salt, soy sauce chicken inside and check, the purpose is to let the tasty chicken, flooding 15 minutes;

3. use and preservation bag, prepared in microwave ovens, high fire bites in 10 minutes;

4. La;

5. after cooling, tore the chicken pieces with their hands can be finished well.

Warm Tip:

1. make the chicken skin more cuishuang a little, you can do the chicken immersed in ice water, water can drain out.

2. Green, sweet red pepper crusted tuna size digestibilities, Lima Bean grain can provide adequate amounts of vitamins to pregnant women. The whole dish crispy spicy and sour taste, color, colorful, and appetite.

Food taboos:

Pheasant, turtle and chicken cream, mustard, Plum, carp, Carassius auratus and rabbit meat, shrimp, Sesame, chrysanthemums and bulb, edible;

Food poisoning with chrysanthemum;

And with fresh plums, rabbit meat, can cause diarrhea;

Food will put fire with mustard.

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