Chinese food:Spare ribs with garlic 蒜香排骨

Spare ribs with garlic belonging to Sichuan cuisine recipes, main raw material is pork ribs; process is fried, making simple;

Spare ribs with garlic and raw materials: steak 500 g;

Spare ribs with garlic sauce ingredients: 15 g, 10 g ginger, garlic scallion 150 grams of bread crumb 3 tablespoons (45ml), dried pepper 5 g;

Spare ribs with garlic sauce: 1 teaspoon of liquor (5ml), 1 tablespoon soy sauce (15ml), regular, sugar 1 teaspoon salt (5ml), the amount of starch and oil;

Spare ribs with garlic and practices:

1. drain moisture after wash, ribs with ginger, onions, garlic sauce (after 50 grams of crushed garlic and garlic gauze extrusion in garlic sauce) soy, white wine and the amount of salt-pickled 1-hour, preserved longer is more tasty. The ribs with pickled garlic juice rich garlic flavor, Garlic Puree salting can also directly, but fried spare ribs with a later step in the spare ribs with Garlic Puree on clean, otherwise when fried-fried garlic paste will easily affect taste, so it is the start took the trouble to extrusion to marinated pork ribs with garlic sauce better.

2. good ribs picked, pickled ginger and onion not into ribs covered with starch in starch. Pat ribs covered with starch, extra starch falling, then all the ribs covered with starch.

3. place enough oil, pot, when burned to 60% hot (put a chopstick, foam) into a steak fried to a golden brown. To note that heat, fried spare ribs with too long to dry. Fried pork ribs with kitchen paper absorbs excess oil, fried pork ribs flavor is very well, directly eaten without problems, however this Golden fried pork ribs with garlic has not done well.

4. cut the remaining after peeling the garlic garlic, do not use pressure such as garlic crushed garlic puree, bad taste. Cut garlic garlic with water at the end of the surface mucus after clean dry, if you do not wash garlic fried when late in easy to stick together.

5. hot pot roast, in the amount of oil, add at the end of garlic and chilli garlic fried to a golden brown in the end with a small fire.

6. complete.

Warm Tip:

This menu can be either high quality protein supplement needed for growth and development of children, can also add calcium to promote bone health in the elderly.

Eat healthy:

Ribs provide physiological activities required high quality protein, fat, particularly rich in calcium may maintain bone health; with nourishing yin for moistening dryness and Yijing blood effect, suitable for deficiency of qi and blood, is satisfied that the poor due to Yin deficiency.

Food taboos:

Pork should not be smoked, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, meat, snail and pigeon and almond, coriander, donkey meat, sheep liver, turtle, caltrop, buckwheat, quail, beef with fresh meat. After the consumption of pork should not be large amounts of tea.

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