Chinese food:Spicy boiled fish 水煮鱼

Spicy boiled fish belonging to the Sichuan dishes, main raw materials are grass carp; process boiled, difficulty making simple; if you press this recipe was produced, regardless of success or failed for the time being, you are welcome to comment on this recipe recipes encyclopedia, you are also welcome to share your experience, Oh.

Spicy boiled fish material: grass carp;

Spicy boiled fish ingredients: wine, starch, salt, sauce with ginger, garlic and a little, boiled fish, vegetables, bean sprouts, bean curd skin, yellow peppers and noodles

Practice of hot boiled fish:

1. the first is the raw material ready to clean fish, with ginger, garlic and a little, boiled fish sauce, remaining based on their preferences to join vegetables, soybean sprouts, tofu skin;

2. materials, starch, salt, ginger wine will be preserved until the tasty fish;

3. spring onion, ginger, garlic and spices into the pot for fried;

4. adding a certain amount of water, the fish skillet simmer slowly;

5. the fish quickly pour out a pot bean curd skin;

6. the skin of beancurd close fire in fully integrated into the soup, boiled pour the fish dishes prepared in advance and put pepper;

7. on the heat a little oil on the fire in chilli, pepper aroma of fully integrated in the fish;

8. spicy boiled fish eventually produced the finished product are as follows:

Warm Tip:

1. fish fillets, try not to cut thick but not too thin, hot longer taste the difference was too thick, too thin and fragile;

2. when hot weather can fridge pickled fish, are ready to get out;

Food taboos:

Ordinary people are edible.

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