Chinese food:Turnip stew lamb 萝卜炖羊肉

Stewed lamb belongs to the Sichuan cuisine recipes with radishes, main raw material is lamb, radish; process is stew, making difficult the Middle;

Stewed mutton with radish raw materials: mutton half a catty, Morchella, white radish-3;

Stewed Lamb with turnip ingredients: vinegar, oil, ginger, garlic, pepper, green beans, coriander;

Stewed Lamb with turnip approach:

1. to mutton, sheep stomach wash, cut small pieces, placed in the pot, and then add some vinegar. (Other than smell) General 1 kg mutton 1 kg of water, half a catty of vinegar plus cold water boil, floating foam, sheng, inter alia, drain water. In another pot plus clear water on the stove to boil.

2. ignition, put a little oil, (lard), ginger, garlic, pepper joined after Cook fried mutton fried together,

Fire down, put the right amount of salt, stir-frying dried mutton, lamb after frying;

Cutting a radish round block, to cut a little thick. Using chopsticks in tied above my eyes. Other turnip-cutting hobs.

3. and will fried good of mutton into casserole within stew; into several star mung bean (except smell) together stew, in began stew Shi will drill good hole of white radish and mutton with stew (except smell), stew to white radish cooked Shi will of abandoned to, then joined cut block of white radish stew, eat Shi into coriander, such a bowl steaming of mutton soup on do has. If people at home, can use induction cooker soup to eat, with home and like to eat cake.

Warm Tip:

1. Doing so basically no smell of mutton, direct eating can be.

2. lamb tonifying deficiency, blood Yang, promoting blood circulation, enhance cold abilities. However, lamb is a hot product, so wher there is a fever, toothache, ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue, put fire symptoms such as cough, vomit and yellow sputum of people are not fit for human consumption. People with liver disease, hypertension, or other infectious diseases in patients of acute enteritis, fever during or not fit for human consumption. If you cook with a Hawthorn or add some radish, green beans, fried onions, ginger, cumin, when ingredients can smell removal.

3. lamb hot vinegar and sweet, and wine of similar, with two of Cook, easy to fire and blood. Meat should not be in the soup and vinegar, ego, heart function and blood disease patients should pay special attention.

4.Immediately after eating mutton for tea, prone to constipation.

5. meat of warm Yang, don’t eat too much at once, preferably while some cabbage, fans, etc.

Food taboos:

Lamb: suitable for cold of deficiency of stomach; fever, toothache, ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue, put fire symptoms such as cough, vomit and yellow sputum persons not fit for human consumption; liver disease, hypertension, acute enteritis and unfit during the fever or other infectious diseases.


+ Fungus with fresh radish dermatitis.

With fresh fruit + radish likely to suffer from thyroid tumor.

+ Daikon carrot carrots contain vitamin c Ascorbic acid enzyme destruction of white radish, making nutritional value reduced

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