Chinese grammar: Asking about degree with "duo"

In this article, we review how to ask about degree with "多"(duō), which is one of the many uses of this character.

"多" (duō) is often used to ask about the extent of something.
Subject + 多 + Adjective

This is an easy way to ask "How [adjective] is [subject]?"


Tā duō ɡāo?
她 多 高?
How tall is she?
Tā duō zhònɡ?
他 多 重?
How heavy is he?

"大" and "小" are can also be used to describe ages. "你多大?" is often used to ask "how old are you?", however it is an informal way to ask, usually for close friends or children. Usually, "你几岁?" is used among peers.

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