Chinese grammar:Basic sentence order

In most basic form of Chinese grammar, Chinese word order is very similar to English word order. Don’t expect these similarities to hold true too far past the very basic sentence order outlined below, though!

SV Structure
The most basic "Subject + Verb" word order in Chinese is:
You can form very simple sentences with just two words.

Very simple SV sentences

Subject Verb   Translation
You eat.
跑步 he runs.
跳舞 I dance.

SVO Structure
A basic sentence usually has an object, and is formed with this structure:
Subject + Verb+Object
This is the same as in English, and is commonly referred to as SVO word order. You can express a huge variety of things with this simple structure.

Simple SVO sentences

Subject Verb Object   Translation
包子 You eat baozi.
中文 He speaks Chinese.
I love you.

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