Chinese grammar:Continuation with 还 "hai"

If you "still" need help on how to use "还" (hái), then this is the page for you.

"还" (hái) can be used to indicate that something is continuing – that it’s still a particular way.

Subject + 还 + Verb + Object

Often the auxiliary verb "在" will appear with "还", as it is natural to talk about continuous actions that are still happening.


Tā hái zài kàn shū.
他 还 在 看 书。
He is still reading.

"还" can also be used in a more idiomatic way to emphasize the idea of what should be happening


Wǒ duì nǐ name hǎo, nǐ hái bù ɡāoxìnɡ?
我 对 你 那么 好,你还不高兴?
I’m so good to you, you’re still not happy?

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