Chinese grammar: Explaining results with 所以"suoyi"

Just as "因为"(yīnwèi) can be used to explain causes, "所以"(suǒyǐ) can be used to explain results. This is equivalent to "so therefore. . ." in English.

This structure is a simple statement of "cause and effect".This is similar to the Cause and Effect with "yinwei" and "suoyi" grammar structure, but it leaves out the beginning "因为". This structure is more informal.



Hànzì tài nán le, suóyǐ wǒ bú xiǎnɡ xué.
汉字 太 难 了,所以 我 不 想 学。
Chinese characters are too hard, so I don’t want to study them.
Wǒ shēnɡbìnɡ le, suóyǐ bú nénɡ shànɡ kè.
我 生病 了,所以 不 能 上课。
I’m sick,so I can’t come to class.

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