Chinese grammar: Expressing "a little too" with "you dian"

At times you may want to politely say something is "a little too" something. In that case, use "有点"(yǒu diǎn) or "有一点"(yǒu yì diǎnr).

To say that something is "a little too … " or "a bit too …", 有点 or 有一点 are often used (and the Northern versions 有点儿 and 有一点儿).
Subject + 有点/有一点 + Adjective


Tā yóudiǎn shēnɡqì.
她 有点 生气。
She’s a little too angry.
Zhè ɡè nǎichá yǒuyìdiǎn tián.
这 个 奶茶 有一点 甜。
This milk tea is a little too sweet.

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