Chinese grammar: Modifying nouns with phrase + 的"de"

In addition to linking adjectives to nouns," 的" (de) can also be used to link a phrase to a noun, making the already useful "的"(de) even more useful.

As well as attaching adjectives to nouns, "的" (de) can be used to attach whole phrases to nouns. In English this is often achieved with "who" or "that", e.g. in "The man who went to Beijing" or "The book that I bought yesterday".

Here a phrase means Verb + (Object).


Zuówǎn hē le hěn duō píjiǔ de nà ɡè rén.
昨晚 喝 了 很 多 啤酒 的 那 个 人。
The person that drank a lot of beer yesterday night.

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