Chinese grammar: Questions with 呢"ne"

Chinese particle 呢(ne) can be used to ask reciprocal questions, also known as "bounce back" questions. 呢 can also be used to ask questions such as "what about" or "how about".


Chinese grammar: Questions with 呢"ne"

And it’s as simple as that. Say what you want to ask about, then stick 呢 on the end. A very common way to use this is to return a question after being asked it. The classic example is this exchange:
A: 你 好 吗?
B: 我 很 好。你呢?
A: 我 也 很 好。

More 呢 examples (each of these can be translated as a "what about" question):

Zhèɡe dōnɡxi ne ?
这个东西 呢?
What about this thing?

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