Chinese grammar: "lai" used to connect two verb phrases

The word 来 (lái) can be used to connect two verb phrases, relating the actions to each other. It can be translated as "in order to" or "so that" and it can help in explaining reasoning in Chinese grammar.

Connecting two verb phrases is very easy. All you need to do is place 来 in between them. This has the meaning of doing the first verb to achieve the second verb. Often used with words expressing a way or a method, e.g. "通过""用"
通过/用+verb phrase 1+来+verb phrase 2


Wǒ men ké yǐ tōnɡ ɡuò dǎ zhé lái xī yǐn ɡù kè.
我们 可以 通过 打折 来 吸引 顾客。
We could have a sale in order to attract customers.

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