Chinese grammar:"Then…" with "name"

Are you looking for another way to use 那么 in Chinese grammar? Then, take a look at this article!

When expressing "Then…", you can use "那么" (nàme) in order to begin a judgment or result from previous context. An example of this in English would be "Then, what should we do?"

Here are some examples of 那么 being used in this way.

Shí wǔ lù ɡōnɡ ɡònɡ qì chē yǐ jīnɡ méi yǒu le , nà me, wǒ men zěn me huí jiā?
十五路 公共 汽车 已经 没有 了,那么 ,我们 怎么 回家?
The Line 15 bus already stopped running, so how are we going to get home?

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