Chinese Idiom:起死回生 (qǐ sǐ huí shēng)

Long long ago, there was a famous doctor named Bian Que who usually traveled everywher to collect medicine to cure patients. One day, he heard about the sudden death of the prince of the State of Guo when he was passing the country. He inquired about the case of the prince from an official. Then he decided the prince wasn’t dead, but was suffering a strange illness. He told the official he could save the prince and bring him back to life. He asked the official to take him to the capital.

At first,the official rejected. But he was so insistent that the official agreed to report it to the King. Since there was no any other way the King had to let Bian have a try. Bian used acupuncture therapy and the prince responded in no time. Then he continued to prescribe some medicine for a hot compress. Immediately, the prince sat up. Before he left, Bian gave 20 doses of medicine to the prince. And the prince recovered completely in 20 days.

Later, people use the idiom to praise the excellent skill of a doctor.


有一次,他经过一个小国,听说太子刚死。他就向一位官员打听太子的病情,听完以后,他断定太子只是得了一种怪病,并没有死。于是,他就告诉那位官员他能救 活太子,让他去告诉国王。官员起初不同意,后来在他的一再坚持下,那位官员就去向国王禀告了。国王此时已没有别办法,于是,就答应让扁鹊一试。扁鹊进宫 后,来到太子的身旁,拿出一些针刺在太子的穴位上,不一会儿,太子就苏醒过来。接着他又给太子敷了一些药,太子就坐起来了。后来,他给太子开了二十天的 药。二十天后,太子就完全康复了。


起死回生 (qǐ sǐ huí shēng)
【翻译】to bring the dying back to life.

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