Chinese Idiom:掩耳盗铃 (yǎn ěr dào líng)

In the Spring and Autumn period (chūn qiū 春秋时期,770-476 BC), a thief had stolen a bell and intended to carry it away on his back, but the bell was too bulky and heavy to be carried, so he tried to break it into pieces with a hammer to make it easier for carrying. On his first hit, however, the bell made a loud noise. He thus feared that the ringing sound might be heard by someone, who would come to rob him of his bell. His fright made him plug his own ears, while hitting the bell with the hammer. The bell sound was, nevertheless, audible to others and therefore to stuff his ears for the purpose of stealing a bell was a stupid action it is as foolish as burying one’s head in the sand.


掩耳盗铃(yǎn ěr dào líng)
【翻译】Plug one’s ears while stealing a bell.
【释义】掩:遮蔽,遮盖;盗:偷。偷铃铛怕别人听见而捂住自己的耳朵。比喻自己欺骗自己,明            明掩盖不住的事情偏要想法子掩盖。

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