Chinese Idiom:一言为重 (yī yán wéi zhòng)

In ancient times, there was a prime minister named Shang Yang (shāng yāng 商鞅) in the State of Qin (qín guó 秦国). He was held in high regard by the King. In the year 359 BC, he prepared for a political reform to promote the economic development. But he was afraid that the people would not believe local authorities. He thought an idea.

One day, he had a 10-meter long pole erected at the south gate outside the capital. Then he told the crowd whoever took the pole to the north gate would be awarded 10 ounces of silver. Everyone was astonished, but nobody dared to have a try. After seeing that, Shang Yang raised his voice and said:" Anyone who carries the pole to the north gate will get 50 ounces of silver." A brave man did it and was be given 50 ounces of silver. Others felt very regretful.

In this way, Shang Yang achieved his aim successfully. Soon the state of Qin became the strongest country.

Later, people use it to praise the man who keeps his promise.

古时候秦国有个相国叫商鞅,秦王很器重他。公元前359年,他打算在秦国实行变法,但他怕百 姓们不相信官府,就决定做件事以取得他们的信任。



一言为重 (yī yán wéi zhòng)
【翻译】What is Said Carries Weight.
【例句】小明说话算话, 一言为重,从不失言。

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