Chinese Idiom:欲盖弥彰 (yù gài mí zhāng)

During the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū 春秋时期,770-476 BC), there lived a man named Hei Gung, Who worked for the government of the kingdom of Ju. Hei Gung once secretly gave a piece of Ju’s territory to the kingdom of Lu, in the hopes that Lu would take him in. Thinking that no one knew what he had done, he very quietly moved to Lu, never dreaming that Lu would record this incident in great detail.


Later, when the people of Ju realized that Hei Gung had moved, they began to ask questions, and only then did they learn of the great dishonor he had brought to his country.
Hei Gung never imagined that so many people would find out about this thing which he didn’t want anyone to know.

Today, this idiom is often used in situations in which a person tries to cover up a thing which he has done, but in going so only makes his wrongdoing more obvious.




欲盖弥彰 (yù gài mí zhāng)
【翻译】The More One Tries to Hide a Mistake, The More It Is Exposed.

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