Chinese Idiom:愚公移山 (yú gōng yí shān)

The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain, nearly ninety years of age, lived behind two high mountains. He was unhappy about the fact that the mountains blocked his way to the south, so he called the whole family to level the two mountains.While they were working, The Wise Old Man at the River Bend stopped the old man. He laughed and said, "How unwise you are! At your age, old and feeble as you are, you cannot even remove one hair on the mountain, let alone so much earth and so many rocks!"

The Foolish Old Man had a long sign and said: " When I die, there will be my sons, who will have their sons and grandsons. Those grandsons will have their sons and grandsons, and so on to infinity. But the mountains will not grow. Why is it impossible to level them?" The Wise Old Man could not answer him.

Finally, a god of the mountains was touched by their actions and he helped them finished the road quickly. This fable teaches us, no matter how difficult a thing is, as long as we persist, we shall definitely succeed.


愚公移山 (yú gōng yí shān)
【翻译】The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains.
【释 义】比喻坚持不懈地改造自然和坚定不移地进行斗争。

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